Why we are special?


Groups of no more than 5 people


Professor Dwarf’s classes are held in groups of no more than 5, which makes for much faster learning progress. We also have groups of 3 and 4; all we need is people at a similar level. The closed atmosphere will help you open up to the language and effectively use your studying time. We can start new groups at any stage of the semester. If you can gather your own group of 5 at a similar level of progress, you will all receive a 20% discount for the course. Just get some friends together and your will save 1/5 of the cost.


Words, words, words… 😉


Our priority is practice. Polish is not an easy language and we focus mainly on getting acquainted with our ruffling language in the early stages. Our students start speaking the language very early on. They ask questions and respond to them on their own, they write scripts, and they take part in “brainstorming” sessions. From the very start, they test themselves in various linguistic games and exercises, listen to songs, watch movies, and share their opinions.


No boring textbooks here

First of all, we want to teach you to communicate and give you some solid grammar foundations, which is why our textbooks are adapted to our, or rather your needs. We simply start conversing with you and pay no attention to grammar, at least not right away. We know that all grammatical problems will start to solve themselves later on.

Enthusiastic and experienced instructors


We have extensive experience in teaching and approach it with full engagement. We invite you to join us on a linguistic journey of Poland, its traditions, history, and culture. Learning here is fun!