It’s time to introduce ourselves a bit!

Polish for foreigners Wrocław | Professor Dwarf

Professor Dwarf Polish school Wroclaw is the only Polish language school in Wrocław where the classes are composed of no more than five students and are conducted by qualified Polish teachers with excellent
command of English. Polish does not have to be difficult for foreigners and we believe that you will quickly overcome the language barrier with the help of our teachers!

The main objective of Professor Dwarf is to teach the students how to communicate in Polish. This is why the classes at all levels are focused mainly on teaching you how to communicate freely and fluently. We believe that, like every other language, Polish is a tool for communication with others. We also teach grammar, writing, and reading, but 70% of the exercises concern practical skills. The Professor Dwarf Polish language school also offers phonetics classes and additional conversation workshops. The students make quick progress as they study in groups of five.

The Professor Dwarf teaching programme is based mainly on talking. We know that
foreigners may initially see Polish as black magic and we try to introduce grammar slowly,
focusing mainly on speech and proper pronunciation. We also have classes outside of the
school. During the field trips, you will be able to learn e.g. how to order something at a bar,
shop, or ask for directions. This way, our students can make quick progress and check their
skills learned in class in a natural environment.