Online lessons


//When can I start the course?

You can start the Skype Polish classes at any time! Right now, you can also take advantage of our services on the road or at work! We may not be in favour of the internet running our lives, but we move with the times. 😉

//For whom?

This is an excellent option for active and busy people because it saves plenty of time and also because they will be able to take their classes at Professor Dwarf anywhere in Poland (and even worldwide ;))
Due to the individual nature of the classes, the learning materials are adapted to your needs and progress level. The classes are a great way to prepare for international certifications and exams. Furthermore, our instructors work on professional terminology used during business courses.


Skype classes are held once or twice a week and are 60 minutes long – the times and length of the course are up to you.


Polish classes on Skype are hosted by Polish instructors, who are experienced in teaching such courses. Our staff is made up of young and enthusiastic people who know how to deal with the virtual world. You can choose your instructor!

See you on the other side of the screen! 😉